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Goddess of Love and Beauty

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The Goddess of Love

♥ Basics ♥
Name: Aphrodite
Other Aliases: Venus
Dominion: goddess of love, beauty and sexual rapture
Abode: Mount Olympus
Symbols: Rose, Scallop Shell, Mrytle, Dove, Sparrow, Swan, Dolphin, Pomegranate, Lime Tre
Husband: Hephaestus
Parents: Zeus and Hera
Children: Cupid (Love's Messenger) & Harmonia
Grandchildren: Bliss

♥ In Depth ♥


She once stole a boyfriend away from Hera. Because of that Hera placed a curse on her son Cupid that he would turn into a green monster if he experiences true jealousy. Cupid fell in love with a girl named Psyche, who was said to be more beautiful than Aphrodite, though Aphrodite would beg to differ. Out of jealousy, Aphrodite tried to shoot a love arrow at Psyche, but Cupid, in trying to stop her, gets Hercules hit by the arrow instead. He fell in love with Psyche. Thanks to Hera's curse, Cupid turned into a green-eyed monster with jealousy at the thought of losing Psyche. Eventually the curse is lifted when Cupid admits his love to Psyche. Aphrodite gave Psyche Ambrosia to make her a goddess and Cupid and Pysche get married. She becomes a grandmother when Psyche and Cupid have a son, Bliss.


Aphrodite was Adonis' lover and a surrogate mother to him.

Cinyras, the King of Cyprus, had an intoxicatingly beautiful daughter named Myrrha. When Myrrha's mother commits Hubris against Aphrodite by claiming her daughter is more beautiful than the famed goddess, Myrrha is punished with a never ending lust for her own father. Cinyras is repulsed by this, but Myrrha disguised herself as a prostitute, and secretly slept with her father at night. Myrrha became pregnant and is discovered by Cinyras. In a rage, he chasd her out of the house with a knife. Fleeing from him, Myrrha prayed to the gods for mercy. The gods heard her plea, and changed her into a Myrrh tree so her father couldn'r kill her.

Myrrha gave birth to a baby boy named Adonis. Aphrodite happenning by the Myrrh tree and seeing Adonis, takes pity on the infant. She placed Adonis in a box, and took him down to Hades so that Persephone can care for him. Adonis grew into a strikingly handsome young man, and Aphrodite eventually returned for him. Persephone, however, is loath to give him up, and wishes Adonis would stay with her in the underworld. The two goddesses started such a quarrel that Zeus was forced to intercede. He decreed that Adonis would spend a third of the year with Aphrodite, a third of the year with Persephone, and a third of the year with whomever he wished.

Adonis chose Aphrodite.

Adonis began his year on the earth with Aphrodite. One of his greatest passions was hunting, and although Aphrodite ass not naturally a hunter, she took up the sport just so she could be with Adonis. They spent every waking hour with one another. However, her anxiety began to grow over her neglected duties, and she was forced to leave him for a short time. Before she left, she gave Adonis one warning: do not attack an animal who shows no fear. Adonis agreed to her advice, but, secretly doubting her skills as a huntress, quickly forgot her warning.

Not long after Aphrodite left, Adonis came across an enormous wild boar, much larger than any he has ever seen.The boar was the god Ares, made jealous through her constant doting on Adonis. He pursued the giant boar, but soon Adonis was the one being pursued. In the attack, Adonis is castrated by the boar, and died from a loss of blood. Aphrodite rushed back to his side, but she was too late to save him and can only mourn over his body. Wherever Adonis' blood fell, Aphrodite caused anemones to grow in his memory. She vowed that on the anniversary of his death, every year there would be a festival held in his honor.


Prone to mood-swings, Aphrodites is more or less a benevolent, fun-loving character. She is also the only member of his Olympian family Hercules seems to have any sort of close relationship with, despite the trouble she seems to cause him. Her mood swings can be bad though - Aphrodite was determined to break up a royal family marriage that will end a war, only because the newly allied kingdoms plan to destroy her temples. She's often seen as ditzy, shallow, and superficial, but she also essentially good-hearted and helpful and can see passed people's exterior when she really wants to.This is the reason why she is in love with Hephaestus.

♥ Aphrodite's Temple ♥

Aphrodite's temple laden with rich fabrics, lush cushions, and art of all kinds depicting her including murals and statues. There are three large alters for worshippers to pray and leave offerings to. There are several devote handsome priets and beautiful priestesses to be found in the temple. They are not prostitutes but women who represent the goddess and sexual intercourse with them is considered just one of the methods of worship.

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