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You've reached the fabulously gorgeous Aphrodite! I'm a busy goddess so leave a message and I'll try to get back to you.



Aphrodite's Temple

Everytime you think of Love or Beauty, Aphrodite knows about it. It's like the equivalent of getting a tiny memo every time from a simple "I love _____" to "I'm so lonely" to "I wish ____ would marry me" and everything in between.

Feel free to leave as many messages, as frequent as you want, of your characters' thoughts and feelings on the matter. If you ask her for help, she might grant it. You can also feel free to leave an offering here.

(Comments are screened in case you don't want the entire community to see it. If you don't mind them seeing what you wrote, please indicate that in the comment.)
The shift happened in less than a blink of the eye and there was no interruption. Aphrodite coaxed Remy to turn where they stood in the cool water so that she could press his back against the cool stone structure and kiss him more while her other hand brushed along his chest heading South.

Things to Know About Aphrodite

Choose 5 things from this list and I will answer them.

(Stolen from Samantha Carter)